Digital Transformation

Simply selling the products online through an e-commerce web site is not digital transformation and is usually sentenced to failure. For the digital transformation:

  • Scan all business processes and rebuild them into a digital service.
  • Modify the products and offer the customer many customizing options
  • Advance digital marketing with the help of artificial intelligence and findings from the analysis of
    customer data.

In addition, n-pulse is able provide significant support for new topics, e.g. How to use meaningful and profitable blockchain, or how beacons can be used in the business model and in marketing

Big-Data and smart Analytics

Simply collecting the customer data from their purchasing behavior and correlating it with the previous KPIs will not allow any particular or new knowledge about the future customer behavior.

n-pulse can use successfully tested models the appropriate KPIs and procedures for:

  • Achieve meaningful customer segmentation
  • Churn to achieve predictions
  • Automate fraud models to allow fraud prevention
  • To build up new customer loyalty models, in which a customer can be regarded as a partner